December 31, 2019

We helped our partner save >1.0 MEUR of the investment budget and bring to a close the lawsuit filed by the environmental prosecutor’s office

The prosecutor's office filed a lawsuit against our partner to protect the right of the public to a safe environment claiming insufficient quality of the land runoff treatment at local facilities and the lack of documentation authorizing the discharge of sewage waters.

An engineering contractor organization which has established itself in the opinion of the partner suggested to solve this problem by investing in the modernization of wastewater treatment facilities and installing a multi-stage filtration system. This solution was presented as having no alternative and requiring urgent implementation due to the high risk of administrative suspension of the multi-billion worth business.

The partner turned to us to conduct a value engineering analysis of this solution before putting it into action.

Our work process

We conducted an initial audit of the solution and reviewed the legal background and available documentation of the partner, which allowed us to immediately point out the exceptional excessiveness of the solution offered by the contractor. Truth is, it was an attempt to persuade our partner to make large (and completely unnecessary) capital investments in the utility infrastructure, followed by a multiple increase in operating costs for maintaining this system without any guarantees that the required quality of the land runoff treatment would be achieved.

After that, we carried out surveys and calculations, the draft regulations for permissible discharges were prepared and approved. We also received necessary permits with a plan to reduce possible negative impact, after which the environmental prosecutor’s office immediately withdrew the lawsuit. In addition to that, we encouraged our partner to collect supporting materials and cancel the fishery category of water bodies into which the land runoff is discharged. This solution allowed our partner to reduce the administrative workload on the business (there was no federal supervising body in charge of the facility).

In 3 months we managed to do what other contractors of our partner could not do in 2 years and eliminated the risk of administrative suspension of the business. After conducting the audit, we revealed the contractor’s attempt to present an extremely expensive and unnecessary solution for the modernization of the water disposal system with significant annual expenses for maintaining this system and provided the partner with an alternative, more sustainable solution.

Benefits for our partner

After a detailed review and evaluation by our academic and technical specialists, we were able to achieve the following:

  • an immediate withdrawal of the lawsuit of the environmental prosecutor’s office and elimination of the risk of suspension of our partner’s business;
  • a critical evaluation of the proposed expensive solutions with detailed explanations and proof that the reviewed solutions are totally unjustified. In other words:
  • saving capital investments and annual operating expenses.

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