Relevant experience and expertise

By combining academic knowledge and a base of lessons learned from working with the most complex cases, we have created capital that works effectively and reliably to solve our partners' problems.

Our team consists of experts in business administration, experts in information systems and technologies, Candidates and Doctors of Sciences, professionals in the field of projectmanagement, construction and design specialists.

Our projects are successfully implemented EPC contracts, design and information modeling of buildings and structures, engineering and environmental studies and surveys, comprehensive consulting and analytics in the field of real estate management, implementation of information systems, automation and optimization of business processes.

Our clients are international manufacturing companies, major retailers, software manufacturers, public institutions, small, large and systemic companies in the regionalmarket.

Sustainable development

We certainly share a sustainable development approach and are inspired by the responsibility, proactive actions and contributions of our major partners in sustainable development.

Working with our major partners, we learn and adopt their experience, actively communicate and explain the principles of social responsibility and ecological balance, their strategic role in the economic development of the industry in our daily work and interactions.


Price and quality

The quality of our work meets the highest standards. The service quality is at the level of the most famous international consultants, but without overpaying for the brand:)

Synergy of knowledge and experience, work regulations

We keep developing our team by sharing knowledge and experience, improve our approach to process and people management, and harmonize interactions with the most flexible management and delegation possible.

Partnership and responsibility balance

When we get down to solving our partners' problems, we always perceive these problems as our own. We are certain that without balanced responsibility there will be no maximum efficiency in solving problems.

Information technology and digitalization

No strategic development and progress is possible without digitalization. This is obvious and it is one of our key priorities, despite the practicality of the industry.

Managing Director

Stanislav Osipov

Specialist degrees in Construction and IT Engineering, certified Project Manager

“We build the company on the principles of trust, openness, social and business responsibility. Our main priority is the interests of our partners ”.

The structure of the company


Become part of our team

Be the part of our team. We grow every year and we’re looking for young specialists and professionals in the field of architectural and structural design, geodesy, building information modeling, technical officers and construction workers

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