April 1, 2021

We have completed a project for the modernization of an engineering construction

In the winter of 2020, we secured an order from one of our partners — the general contractor of the EPC contract for the modernization of a utility system. We were asked to evaluate the implementation of a complex package of works delayed by previous contractor by more than 30 working days. 

Our work process

In addition to the common cost limitation requirement, we had to meet strict deadlines to make up for the delay, which, in winter conditions, further complicated the execution of the potential contract, making it extremely risky and on the verge of profitability. It was a serious engineering challenge, the solution of which could bring us to a higher proficiency level!

In accordance with our key principles for interaction with the partners, after evaluating our own resources, developing a risk management plan and working out a schedule, we decided to brace ourselves and make this contract a high priority for our construction project management department.

We had to deal with the delay on the part of the previous contractor, some mistakes of our own teams, downtime due to extremely low temperatures, supply disruptions and an increase in material market prices, equipment failures at critical moments, the need for additional geological calculations, structural calculations and justifications.

Despite all these difficulties, we managed to complete our works on time, make up for the delay and deliver the work to the end customer with the specified quality before the entire system was put into operation.

The project supervisor’s team and the quality control team worked on this project supported by the occupational safety team and the project chief engineer team.

On the coldest days of the winter of 20/21, four working teams supported by the team of engineers managed to make up for a two-month delay behind the schedule of the general contractor, optimized a number of key engineering solutions for the paperwork and prepared the site for acceptance inspection by the supervisory body

Benefits for our partner

This collaboration turned out to be very productive and beneficial for both parties. Our partner was able to:

  • make up for the delay and meet the planned deadline of the major contract with the end customer;
  • resolve the major claims from the customer (in the end, all of the penalties under the contract were dropped);
  • develop and implement a number of alternative engineering solutions for individual working teams to optimize the deadlines without affecting the quality.

We, in turn, gained the most valuable experience and significantly improved practical professional skills of our working, engineering and management teams.

Take a look at how it was!

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