June 1, 2021

We have completed a comprehensive study of a large-scale project according to the international BREEAM In-Use standard

Since June 2021, our company has been working on a research program in accordance with the international BREEAM In-Use standard for a large real estate object in St. Petersburg. 

The research purpose was to recertify the object with an increase in the rating to "Excellent".

Our work process

We studied the object throughout the year and reviewed the complex of buildings, surrounding area and all utility systems during every season. This is the only way to consider all the factors and give the owner a realistic and complete picture.

Our department of environmental consulting and sustainable development was in charge of this project. The working team included 7 candidates of sciences in different academic fields.

Based on the results of field works, surveys of the owner’s personnel and representatives of local communities, a large amount of data was collected. After the desk study and systematization of observed data, we collected and submitted analytical reports with our practical recommendations to the owner.

7 candidates of sciences, 2 bench scientists and a team of engineers, supported and headed by the head of the department, registered 62 species of terrestrial vertebrates, 54 species of birds and 116 species of vascular plants of natural flora. 10 research project reports were prepared which included scenario modeling, assessment of the object management according to specific criteria and practical recommendations for the owner

Benefits for our partner

Here are some of the tactical management recommendations and strategic benefits for our partner:

  • adding hidden, rare and valuable information about the asset to the brief of the real estate object;
  • taking a local improvement investment project off the table due to the threat of destruction of open biotopes, and taking measures to preserve the natural flora while maintaining the biodiversity instead;
  • practical recommendations for the preservation of rich biodiversity and preparing biotope maps to be taken into consideration when planning operating activities;
  • revealing weak points in the operation of individual services, as well as utility networks and systems as part of the scenario modeling. Preparing practical recommendations in terms of compensation and energy efficiency;
  • increasing the overall rating of the object according to the international standard;
  • increasing the market price of the asset, as a consequence of all of the above mentioned.

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