February 1, 2021

We have provided our partner with a comprehensive legal support and property protection 

In January 2020, our company received a difficult and urgent request for support and protection from one of the oldest public organizations in St. Petersburg because of the attempt by a third party to acquire sites of land with the property of its members

Our work process

In the conditions of limited time frames, our team prepared a defense strategy in three main directions:

  1. Providing legal protection before the executive, legislative and judicial authorities, as well as regulatory authorities with bringing maximum attention to the incident.
  2. Managing the communication with members of the organization directly affected by the incident via the newly created operational channel of communication in social media.
  3. Urgent inventory and appraisal of all assets, registration and updating of documents on land use, inspection of management accounting of the organization and its digitalization.

Our legal department worked on this project with support of the digital simulation, geodetic surveying, geological information and cadastral survey team.

More than 1500 pages of collected evidence, appeals, petitions and complaints to the executive, legislative and judicial authorities; asset inventory conducted at the same time, field cadastral works, formation, cadastral registration and leasing of 40 land sites in St. Petersburg

Benefits for our partner

As a result of this strategy, our partner was provided with:

  • an efficient protection of 10 sites of land against any encroachments of third parties;
  • an inventory of all assets with clearly arranged records and a system for monitoring key deadlines and legal risks;
  • all necessary documents on land use with the maximum possible prolongation of deadlines;
  • management recommendations for monitoring and control aimed to improve protection against similar cases in the future.

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