February 2, 2024

We have completed restoration, installation and removal of the New Year's Eve decorations in the largest shopping mall of the region

In November 2023 we won the bidding procedure for restoration, installation and removal of the New Year's Eve decorations of the shopping mall and its grounds

Our work process

In the course of drafting the method statement, collecting updated inputs and surveying work sites, we have identified hidden defects of the existing structures for hanging outdoor decorations as well as defects of the park stage. Our inspection of overhead utilities and systems has also identified deviations from as-built documents and traces of technical irregularities on part of the previous contractor.
We have collected the materials and informed our partners of the non-conformities. Running on a tight schedule while preparing the mall for the New Year’s Eve celebrations, we have dismantled the temporary structures compensating for the non-conformities we have identified to ensure operating safety of the decorations.
Simultaneously with the engineering survey, we have collected and staffed a full-time group of scene painters with long-time work experience in theaters and cinematography. We have completed restoration of the decorations ahead of schedule.
To perform installation operations when due, our work supervisor team has established the total of 6 full time fully attested work squads including 4 squads for high-rise jobs using lifting structures inside the building and 2 squads for high-rise jobs in the adjacent grounds.!

Over 400 items of suspended decorative lighting fixtures in the building, over 6,000 meters of outdoor lighting chains , over 100 items of polygonal floor figures, 2 New Year trees over 10 meters high, the outdoor stage with the pillar and illuminated marquise have been restored, installed and removed on a really tight schedule

Benefits for our partner

In addition to explicit discharge of our duties when due, we have assisted our partner with identification of concealed structural and engineering defects capable of compromising safe operation of the equipment, fully compensated for them for the duration of the New Year’s Eve celebrations, and drafted extensive recommendation on repairs and upgrades.
In coordination with our partner, we have also indicated legal gaps in the internal regulations on clearing contractors for high-rise operations. and collected the materials required to amend and supplement the internal regulations for our partner.

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