September 11, 2022

We have fully completed the planning stage for the construction of communal infrastructure facilities of a large region 

In the summer of 2022, we secured an order for a market valuation of the cost of a high-profile investment project and the preparation of underlying documents for its planning and execution. 

Our work process

We were only limited by the deadline: the general contractor emphasized the need to prepare all documents before the first operational meeting with the federal customer — two weeks after the order was received.

Out team got used to working under severe restrictions. We executed this order within the timeframe specified by the partner due to our effective organizational arrangement and the working base of internal control documents.

During a two-day business trip to the project site, we carried out necessary field works including aerial photography of the site boundaries, conducted surveys and collected all relevant information from internal and external local interested parties. Alongside with this, our engineering teams were working on estimates and analytics, as well as on the preparation of reference data and project underlying documents.

Our entire construction project management department was working on the project with the full support of the legal department and the department of information technology and economic stability.

Within two weeks, our partner was provided with three volumes of analytical reports and underlying documents on the scope, schedule and cost of the project in order to realistically assess the project cash flow, as well as key high-level risks

Benefits for our partner

Within two weeks, our partner was provided with high-quality analytics for managing a large-scale project, including:

  • hierarchical structure of works;
  • base project schedule;
  • research of the market and recommended contractors for key work packages with an appraisal of their reliability and the result of initial negotiations;
  • project budget, including cash flow budget, income and expense budget, as well as discounted cash flow;
  • project risk evaluation with a risk management plan for every level;
  • data of aerial photography of the design and construction boundaries combined with information on places of possible collisions and especially risky land sites overlapped by the construction project.


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