August 30, 2023

We have completed unique project on relocation and conversion of two-storey building

In the beginning 2023, we implemented the project on relocation of the building our partner wanted to demolish. However, rather than being disposed at the landfill and pollute environment with waste, the building is now bringing profit to the partner.

Our work process

The main advantage of relocation is the possibility to keep the building as it is without disassembling the structures or taking furniture and equipment from the inside. This helps to save time and resources, contributes to environmental sustainability of the project. However, such initiative requires high level of organisation and engineering experience.

Before the actual works, we carried out several iterations of the building structural survey, structural assessment, and assessment of compliance of the architectural and space-planning design with construction standards. Under the project, we revealed and eliminated a number of major fire safety breaches.

Having completed the structural survey, prepared and received the partner’s approval of the work execution plan, we proceeded to the main stage of relocation: we slowly lifted the building with jacks under main axes, installed transportation platforms, and commenced relocation using hoisting units. We constantly monitored deformations during the relocation. We took a slow pace of movement and reduced potential deformations insomuch that we had to remove no window units or glass partitions.

During one night, we crossed a busy road having prepared and received approval of the traffic suspension plan. Due to tight time constraints and elevation changes at this section it was the most risky stage of works, which we completed as planned.

Then, we rotated the building by 120 degrees and prepared the new site at the same time. We took the building to the new site, installed it, and conducted a final inspection of structures proving safety of the building after relocation. We also carried out finishing works, brought the building in compliance with fire safety requirements, and accommodated it for people with reduced mobility.

We jacked up a two-storey building of 400 sq m, put it on transportation roller platforms, moved by 350 m crossing a busy road, rotated by 120 degrees, adapted for commercial use, and handed over to the customer.

Benefits for our partner

The partner received from us a building fully compliant with all regulatory requirements and ready for commercial use. At the same time the project was implemented with the minimum carbon footprint, which was critical for the partner and its sustainable development and environmental approach.

As for us, we gained unique experience of implementing a complicated project following an environmental approach and once again assured ourselves of reliability of our principles and high excellence of our team capable to successfully deal with really challenging tasks.

Take a look at how it was!

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