October 17, 2022

We have completed the design of integrated security systems for fuel and energy complex enterprises

In the spring of 2022, we won the tender for the design of security systems for 12 fuel and energy complex enterprises in the northwestern region.

Our work process

We followed our internal protocols for the project, program and project portfolio management with a particular focus on identifying internal and external stakeholder requirements, preparing a schedule with clear resource planning, and an overall program risk assessment.

As a result, we succeeded in implementing the program in accordance with our main schedule and well ahead of the contract work schedule.

Our construction project management department was in charge of the project as part of the project chief engineer team, the value engineering and procurement team and the digital simulation, geodetic surveying, geological information and cadastral survey team.

12 facilities in various districts of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region were designed and approved 6-10 months ahead of the contract schedule

Benefits for our partner

We fully met our commitments ahead of schedule, allowing our partner to expand significantly management capabilities to achieve its program goals

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